An American saying – Triie ( “Triple Energy” pronunciation: try - ee) based in the United States. Triie is the forward movement, power and endurance of the Cheetah in every athlete or person wanting to perform at his or her highest level. An athlete in any sport and person in any competition has to exert energy in three areas in order to be at his or her best performance level: Mind – Body
– Soul.

Simply put: Heart, Mind & Body. Triie – triple energy.

Her story....

As a California girl I have always been an athlete. I grew up playing multiple sports and ended my athletic career playing college basketball. Shortly after graduating college, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis where intensive hormonal imbalances caused many shifts and changes to my body.

In 2015 I completed my second and last Endometriosis surgery. Through the difficult process of both physical and emotional changes, I became inspired to create a brand fitting for all people of diverse shapes and sizes. “Regardless of the different shapes and sizes God has given to each person, we should all feel beautiful, confident, and embrace our individualities.”


Demmi Nunn